Sunday, December 13, 2015

Painting the Cardinal?

Daniel Cardinal Dinardo
St. Mary Cathedral Basilica
Galveston Island, Texas
Saturday, Dec. 12th

 Interesting painting day at Galveston. I found a nice spot to paint  to do some street fun. To my surprise there was a church gathering for Daniel Cardinal Dinardo who showed up. I had asked if my gear will be in the way which I was not sure about and was assured it would be ok. So as the people gathered and Mass started I kindly closed my paint box lid for respect. Before the event the had asked if I was going to paint the Cardinal. I wish I could have but the crowd was just to big. Some of the photo's I had to raise the camera to capture. When the doors opened I was in amazement at the warm candle light coming from within. Afterwards it was back to the painting before it got to dark. Still more work on this one to be done.

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