Thursday, September 3, 2015

Oil painters Tools

Oil painters Tools
Still Life
Painted on Location
7.5" x 8"
Oil on Linen Panel
Signed lower right, "Kirby"
Randall Cogburn


This is my first pochade box I made about five years ago. It has since traveled to some amazing places, had a bad spill, but got right back up on the tripod and kept doing it's best. The design is inspired by the artist, Trevor Chamberlain, one of my favorite artists. He had a design with a thumb hole in his. This one doesn't have the thumb hole but has the sliding palette and can hold 2 6x8 panels in the lid. It can all lock up secure with the palette still full of paint and all the paint tubes tucked underneath. In the front is some Oil pastels in a jar for added bonus. 

A view of the painting as it 
was painted.


  1. Randall , I made my pochade box from a wooden cigar box. I have a bar
    across the top that slides up to hold the paintings in place. I couldn't
    see whether or not you have that feature on your box.

    1. On this one there's just small carpet tack nails that go through the sides of the lid which act like channels to guide the painting into place from the top of the lid.