Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Weight of Things

Weight of Things
Still Life
8 x 8
Oil on Panel
Randall Cogburn

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Had some time to paint outdoors today but under the cover of the porch as it rained for quite some time. A view just off the back porch where I sweep my shavings from working on woodworking projects. I didn't realize this until now but the concrete block shown I have sitting there has sunk over time and sort of inspired the poem below. 

Weight of Things
by Randall Cogburn

A Sawyer cuts
With the weight
Yet forces none
Such trouble
As it's done.

Over to plane
The old way
Less prone to break
Yet no mistake
And top pay.

Now in rhythm
The shavings fall
A familiar sound
So sharp
but flat.

A Clean breeze
Few sweeps
Before an hour 
All done. Scribbled:
Play with Cat.


  1. Good morning Randy!...

    Abstract both... and yet coherently pleasant-
    To those who care to search beyond
    Mere looking.

    "Seeing" -
    Possibility despite the rain
    Truth lies plain and simple
    To the eyes and heart
    Of the seeker!

    And ye shall find that Truth and pleasure
    Can be found
    in the same common space.

    Real gems Randy! Thanks!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  2. Thank you Bruce. I do enjoy getting out there and painting. On that day I had two or three options to paint and wish I could have done those but only had time for one.