Saturday, October 4, 2014

Plein Air Workshop Fall 2014

Fall 2014 Plein Air Workshop
Galveston Island, Texas

Awesome day today at Galveston, a whole lot of smiling!! Had a small group today, and I find it's still more fun with a small group. More one on one time, did two demo's instead of one, and more time to talk art and chit chat. It was quite windy today at East Beach on the channel side and to my surprise the waves were big and crashing and I wandered if there was going to be a beach to paint from. However it wasn't to long before the water became calmer and less waves. Although no clouds to speak of, there were quite a few boats and ships passing by a real traffic watcher. Plenty of fisherman out and seagulls asking for handouts.  

Finished the first demo for inspiration, just in time 
before the trove of visitors came to plunder

Me, Leslie, and Billie
getting baked in the sun. Hat's a plus.

Second demo, more abstract and had some fun with it.

I look like I'm going to sneeze lol.
Really enjoyed painting today and getting some sunny D!!
Will be doing another demo towards the first week of December.
Can't wait for that cold weather? not really, I like it warm!

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