Friday, May 30, 2014

Robert Genn...

For those who might not know of him, Robert Genn has passed, rest in Peace my friend. He's been quite an inspiration to me ever since I started painting and to thousands of painters all over the globe with his paintings and even more so his twice weekly letters. His daughter Sara is continuing with the tradition of the letters with her take along with Roberts previous letters that could last over 27 years worth, just amazing. I'm in one of his letters about a couple years ago, so to help spread the word jet on over to his website, there's a ton of reading and you'll be inspired for sure. 

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  1. Hi Roger!. Like you... I was greatly blessed to have been privvy to Robert Genn's insightful and encouraging bi-weekly offerings. I will much miss his intelligent and insightful sharings of his thoughts and processes.

    The world is a better place for his having been here. That such words might be offered when each of us is gone would would be reason enough for painting!

    I much admire your paintings and talent as well !

    Goiod painting!
    Warmest regards