Friday, May 16, 2014

Orange Pekoe

Orange Pekoe
Still Life
8 x 8
Oil on Panel
Randall Cogburn


Once in a while I break out the tea and have a cup and late at night a well deserved cup at 1am to get through with this painting. Twinnings of London has been a good brand so far. The Earl Grey, Jasmine Green and Oolong and of course the Pekoe all are good. I haven't tried loose leaf tea yet and might give that a try in the future especially if there's fresh available. This was painted as it sat on my desk with a plastic three drawer storage box in the background. My GymBoss is in the second tray. Nice timer for use in exercising etc. 

Since a cold snap came through lately I've been running through this box of Ceylon Orange Pekoe Tea. Has a nice color and taste. I sometimes use Organic Stevia or the combo Cane Sugar/Stevia with filtered water nuked in the microwave. This painting took a while to paint. I painted it freehand while listening to a YouTube documentary on the most expensive paintings and sipping some Pekoe while contemplating my next stroke of paint.  

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