Monday, February 10, 2014

Winters Light

Winters Light
Manvel, Texas
8 x 8
Oil on Panel
Randall Cogburn

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Frame Example
King of Frame: Arroyo Gold

Having some fun painting squarescapes, lol. Don't know why I choose the square format, just do. Maybe because it's easier to cut my panels in one size?? I do like the landscape format though don't get me wrong. I do find that in a landscape format you do have more room for designing the composition with a little more leeway for the sweet spots. The square format tends to narrow down and focus in on a subject more and says " Here it is, check me out!! I'll show you some stuff but let's not forget what I'm really pointing out here." Of course, the same can be done in landscape format it's just more space though. 

There's many places around Manvel to paint from. I'll make it my goal to paint more places this year. I am noticing places are changing, land selling, and people building. It makes me wish I had the money to buy up land to keep it from being subdivided and houses built. So the landscape changes.....

Recently, a crew of pipeline workers paved way right through some fields and basically dug it all up and filled it back over again. Then later on in the year another one going through, geesh. Also a lot of farmland going to housing developments, like communities. They are bigger land properties but still it's being carved up. Sad to see. Used to drive around enjoy the countryside, and now, probably within couple so years, all you will see is houses everywhere. Why? Probably the farmland not able to make a profit, so the farmers sell out and developers come in and by the land and try to make profits of getting people to build on them. Families who've own land for years, getting older, or passing on, now being divided up.   

This view is not to far from the house and a frequent scene on my bike route, a favorite ride with some twists and turns. As far as I know this is the hay for the winter for some cows on the property. Not sure how long it will last. The tree in the background I think is a Brazilian Peppercorn tree from what I've heard locals say. They seem to be everywhere, especially along fence lines. Not native, that's for sure. Worth anything? Maybe for wildlife. I think woodpeckers like them heard one yesterday across the street pecking on one.

That brings me to another topic I'd like to bring up. Native Trees. What type of native tree do you have in your yard? We have a Sycamore nice big one, love those trees. A couple acorns and a Bald Cypress out back. That's about it for today. If you have a non native tree, chop it and plant a native. Go Native!! 

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