Monday, February 24, 2014

Pleasure Pier

Pleasure Pier
Galveston Island, Texas
8 x 8
Oil on Panel
Randall Cogburn


Had a chance to get back down to Galveston and lucked up with some unbelievable fog rolling in. After about ten minutes at the Sea Wall I took a trip down to East Beach to see what was going on then as I head back down the beach it completely engulfed the Seawall and I was barely able to see the surf. What made it interesting was the sun was beaming bright which lit up a lot of areas. 

The Pleasure Pier is a fun park with ferrous wheels and fun and games. The small pier at the end used to be a fishing pier but no longer since the last Hurricane rendered it useless. The Flagship Pier is what this pier used to be called, with a big Hotel on top. Surfers used to jump off it and you can imagine from the looks is a pretty big drop. 

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