Sunday, December 22, 2013

Seascape Demo, and 2 Books Left...

The Seascape Demo
Galveston Art League

This is the only pic of me I have painting during the demo. Last Saturday was a lot of fun. We had quite a group show up even during all the rain we've been having. I want to thank all who came out, and enjoyed talking art and having fun. Here I am putting some strokes down on some foreground figures on the beach. Not quite finished with this painting yet and will post later on this week after noticing some areas that could be improved upon once I took a fresh look at it.  

Seascape Books....

I have two of my Seascape Books on hand if you would like one email me. It has 64 pages full of my seascape paintings. The book is 8" x 8" and I just now realized that if you multiply those two figures you get 64, lol. More about the book on the link to the right of my blog. The book is $35 including shipping.

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