Thursday, November 28, 2013

Sea Impression

Sea Impression
Galveston Island, Texas
On Location
8 x 8
Oil on Panel
Randall Cogburn


I wasn't quite sure if I wanted to let this painting go since it's a first of first's type of a painting. But first, before I get into what I mean by that, let me briefly explain why I decided to put it up for sale. Like all artists we love looking at other artists work. It's at least one way to get inspired. On this occasion an artist in the November Issue of Plein Air Magazine, named C. W. Mundy, had a nice article about his passion for paintings to have an abstract quality to a scene, an impression. His style reminded me of this painting I did and made me think that others might enjoy seeing it as well.

This painting is a first of first's. More like the first of few. On a trip to paint on the 27th Jetty, the day seemed more wet and hopes of the rain clearing seemed iffy. Gearing up for possible rain I trekked down the seawall to the beach and soon realized I had left, at the house, my brushes. Oh, geesh! I have left things before on trips, like turps, a palette and yes my brushes. I was determined not to give up and if I had to I might have just used my fingers and rags if it was not for having with me my palette knife. So this painting became my first seascape painting done with my palette knife. 

To make things even more challenging it started to sprinkle. I was soon battling drops on my palette halfway through the painting. As you might know water and oil don't mix. Lucky me I stuck it through to the end and came home with a nice impressionistic painting.  

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  1. I like it.
    Maybe you have some less detail, but the image gains 'power' because of the heavier structures'.
    I like the vivid light and colours as well.