Monday, November 4, 2013

I Will Go, I Will Go

I Will Go, I Will Go
8 x 8
Oil on Panel
Randall Cogburn

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Ever been sailing? It's a lot of fun. There's something special about sailing around in a boat powered by the wind, what a thrill. When the wind get's going and you get your boat angled just right with the wind you start to really make some headway. It's been a while since I last sailed. I used to sail around in Clear Lake, lots of fun. 

I thought I'd share a sketch I did to plan out this painting and can tell it really pays off to sketch it out. Here's my setup I use when I go out Plein Air painting. To the left is my brush holder with oodles of brushes lol. My favorite just happens to be a single #3 Mongoose Long Filbert from Rosemary Brush Co. located in the UK, hand made and awesome. 


  1. Thank you for sharing a little piece of your process. Your paintings are wonderful! I enjoy getting them delivered to my mailbox each time you post a new one.