Saturday, October 5, 2013

Close Break

Close Break
Galveston Island, Texas
24 x 24
Oil on Canvas
Randall Cogburn

For sale at the City House Summer House
Studio on Galveston Island, Texas

Seascape Demo: Ahhh, the sea, miss it already. Today the surf was big by Galveston's norm. I'd say, at least some sets were shoulder high. 

During the Galveston Art Walk I did the above painting as a demo at the City House Summer House Studio and with my friend Martha, a great host, and co-owner of the City House Summer House. I want to thank all who dropped by, it's so nice to see familiar faces  and new ones too. Made a couple sales there also, can't complain, and I can't wait to paint again down there it's a lot of fun.

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