Friday, October 4, 2013

As Is at Midnight

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As Is at Midnight
Still Life
8 x 8
Oil on Panel
Randall Cogburn

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It's definitely been a while since I've painted a still life. This one was not setup as in purposefully constructed. It's 'As Is' and it attracted my attention for the last past two days especially at night which gave it more of a contrast. I painted this Bonsai Pot in my kitchen area illuminated by some warm light from the kitchen and had to add a second light behind me to help illuminate my palette on my pochade box. Unfortunately that made the contrast of this scene less than what you see here. I've actually painted a scene, a more zoomed out look, of this same area which you can view here, 'Vintage at 2am'. The Bonsai Pot would have been on top of the vintage radio you see in the scene. I would have been situated a little to the left of that chair and a little closer to the radio. 

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