Sunday, May 5, 2013

Learning to Simplify, New June Workshop......

NEW: Make sure to bring 2 9x12 panels instead of 2 8x10 but if you've already bought them that's fine. Also a sketchpad 9x12 instead of 8x10. The bigger 9x12 just gives us a little more room to work on.

Some more workshop photos from Billie Rinaldi who snapped some while everyone was painting during the previous workshop. Everyone had a great time painting that I didn't get enough photo's of the group. Me in the photo on the left in green hat talking to a fellow painter while doing a demo and his daughter in the middle with her painting of the surf. Right, photo of an easel setup and study of the waves.

This is a two part course and it's required that you take both sessions.
The fee is $60 for the course.

Saturday June 15
Location: Galveston Art League
Time: 10-10:30am registration and setup.
10:30am - 4pm break at 12pm
Class description: Learning to Simplify, Studio Version
We will be working in the Gallery the whole day. First will work on some simple color charts using a limited palette. Then will focus on how to simplify what's to be painted and finally some studies using oil paint setting the ground for doing some Plein Air Painting at the next session. I'll give some assignments to help prepare for the next session.

Saturday June 22
Location: Galveston Art League
Time: 9 - 12pm meet at the Galveston Art League before heading out to a location TBA(near Gallery)
Class description: Learning to Simplify, Plein Air Version
We will be outside on location near the Gallery. What we learned in the previous class as well as all the assignments given will lay the foundation to paint outdoors. Our focus for this workshop is learning to simplify.

Materials needed:
Oil paint red, yellow, blue white
Brushes sizes 4-6, flat, one round 1
6x8 panel canvas/gessoed* Do this bfore class
2 9x12 panels canvas/gessoed
9x12 sketch pad
palette around 11x14
paper towels/rags
oms/walnut oil/linseed oil
easel or way to prop your painting on a table

6x8 Panel, Tape it off so you have 20 squares each an inch square. 5 rows, 4 columns.

Plein Air Painting June 22 materials needed
All the above

If you have any questions feel free to email me rkcim at live . com

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