Monday, April 29, 2013

Update on Paintings etc. and What!!!!

Just a quick update since my blog is not filling with more paintings every day your probably wandering what's up. I've been working on a group of six seascapes last week which took some time away. The six will be at a new Gallery in Dallas, TX called the Dutch Gallery and will be available sometime in May. I'll keep you posted along with some pics of them soon.

Most of my time has been devoted to 3 24x24 seascape paintings which I entered into the Galveston Art League Juried Show so hope they do good.

Now for the not so good news. After having a dead battery, forgetting to add some hanging wire, here is the bad, my camera is now dead. Yes, it's dead as a door nail dead. I mean not even a peep. All is not lost. Hopefully I have what I needed on my memory card. Plus, just bought another camera so waiting for it to be shipped. That means I'm not posting anything until it comes in, ugghhh. Hope you had a better weekend.

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