Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy 2013 Everyone!!

What a joyful year it has bean and to kick of the New Year of 2013 I have a new painting from Galveston off the 27th pier which I will post tomorrow, below is a teaser. It was really overcast and some rain while I painted, with some really big waves crashing around. In fact one crashed completely on top of the jetty washing completely passed me, must have been a big one!! Luckily the gear was hanging on the tripod., what excitement!! Happy New Year to everyone and I hope you have the best year yet to come.

At the 27th Jetty off the Galveston Seawall on Dec. 31 2012
last day of the year.

Oh if you don't know Galveston has a Pleasure Pier. It used to be the
Flagship Hotel.

Under the Pier view.

Spotted this VW, Karhmann Ghia.

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