Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Galveston October Plein Air Workshop

During the Month of October on each Saturday I will be teaching an Oil Painting Plein Air Workshop for beginners and those who are more advanced. 
  • The Beginners Workshop is setup to learn in stages, each class builds on top of the previous class so try not to miss one. If you do it's still ok you will learn more from coming than not. 
  • The Advanced Workshop class we will be focusing on improving our abilities to paint better. Each person has there areas that could improve and we will learn what they are and figure out how to overcome them.
  • Note - We might have a figure model for the advanced class for the beach scene which will be an additional $10 model fee paid to the model. This will be on October 6th. More info on this to come.
We will be painting all over the island including Bolivar. Here is a list of the locations:
  • October 6 - Galveston State Park, beach side, we get the sand, surf, and beach goers
  • October 13 - 61st street near Offats Bayou at the bridge, neat location there's usually a sailboat moored nearby as well as the opportunity to paint small sailboats sailing around.
  • October 20 - 8 Mile Point on West End of Galveston Island, nice location with fisherman and a shrimp boat that's moored there as well as views of the Bay
  • October 27 - Fort Travis Bolivar side - Need I say more, a ferry ride, and some really cool spots to paint at Fort Travis
I decided this time to make available two classes on the same day, one for beginners and one for more experienced painters. To help you decide which one to pick here are some simple that might help you figure it out. If you still are not sure contact me.

  • Never painted outside
  • Your a good painter indoors, but every time you paint outdoors you make frisbees instead
  • You don't paint however you sketch outside a lot
  • If a 16 x 20 scares you, then take this class instead
  • Your a slow painter and have trouble finishing
  • You have yet to conquer your fears of painting outdoors
  • Everywhere you drive you look for something to paint
  • You can paint outdoors and have painted in the past
  • You want to learn how to paint more freely
  • You can make a painting within an hour or so and still feel like making another
  • You want to paint bigger, will be going bigger this time up to 12 x 12 - 16x20
  • Painting quickly is not that big of a deal for you anymore

Materials to Bring to each workshop: 
  1. Paint - Try to use Artist Grade Paints, I like Titanium White, Cadmium Yellow Pale, Cadmium Orange, Cadmium Red Light, Alizarin Crimson, Ultramarine Blue those are my everyday colors I use. I also use Thalo Blue, Violet, and a grey
  2. Brushes - Long Handles, chunking bristle, hog hair, all flats some big brushes, No 10, some No. 6's some smaller brushes No. 3, and small round for thin lines
  3. Odorless Mineral Spirits, a snap lid can any art store usually has them
  4. Your painting medium of choice, or simply refined linseed oil
  5. Rags, or paper towels
  6. Ony need two of these per day. Some panels 6x8, 8x8, 8x10, for advanced class 12x12 to 16x20
  7. Easel or Pochade box tripod etc, palette, palette knife
  8. Small sketchbook, pencil
  9. Mosquito Repellent, sunscreen, hat shade eyes. water etc.
  10. Camera take some pics

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