Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Surf Hat...

My surf hat hanging on the wall caught my attention so I had to paint it. Since my photo capability is somewhat limited, it doesn't pick up the color depth the painting actually has. I have to put a disclaimer don't judge the photo as there's more to it.

I used to have the best surf hat made by Billabong, had a nice wide rim and had a landscape tropical scene sewed into the rim underneath. I used it especially on trips to the beach going surfing or fishing etc. but sometime last year it vanished and after looking everywhere for days, I finally caved and went looking for another one.  The old one had sentimental value to it, since my dad turned ill, I let him use it a lot when we took trips to the beach. He loved that hat and when he came with me he wore it, not me. I called him Captn since he liked sailboats and sailing which was something he got interested in later in life. This one is made by Quicksilver, not as good but it does the job. To Purchase email me here.

Surf Hat
10 x 8
Oil on Panel
Randall Cogburn
Price $120 includes shipping

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