Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Galveston Art League Juried Show...

I have some paintings in the Galveston Art League Juried Show come by and check them out in person. The first is a barn I saw on a trip towards Matagorda Beach. The barn was near a town called Wadsworth, TX. The second is a painting of some girls heading toward the water.

20 x 20

In the month of September I will be teaching a Still life workshop it's not official but keep checking back and I'll post more about it. It will be at the Galveston Art League starting on Saturday 8th.

Also I might do something called the Galveston Sketchup a fun get together for anyone who likes to sketch. It's informal and will have a small fee and we will be going to different places on the island as well as a Contest so look for that as well. Below are some sketches I've done on location the first is a jeep we used to have in what I called the "Boat Yard" since we used to have at least one sailboat in there all the time which at that time I wasn't sketching unfortunately would have been some great material. The middle sketch is one I did on a trip to Seabrook near a park called Pine Gully park with a nice view of Galveston Bay and the Galveston Island in the distance, a memorable one since my dad was with me. The last one is a pretty interesting story. I was in the store called Cut Rate, a big fishing store just South East of Houston getting some gear for the kayak and saw these great big huge fishes suspended from the ceiling. That quickly became something I had to attempt to sketch.

In October I'll have another Plein Air painting class I'm really looking forward to doing, cooler weather but still can be warm, will vetnure to some different spots on Galveston Island like we did last spring of this year. The last session we ventured to the beach of Galveston and near the Channel as well as Bolivar and the Galveston Harbor, this year I plan on going to some spots I'm familiar with and should be a lot of fun as well as some spots that would be difficult to gain access to without permission. I might also run an Advanced Plein Air workshop for painters that know how to paint and/or have some experience painting outdoors. I plan on doing some more challenging places so keep checking back and if your interested in one of the above classes let me know.

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  1. Good luck in your show! You have some nice paintings. Also, your sketches are fun to see.