Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Plein Air Meetup....

Wish you were here today to paint it was one heck of day, can't ask for better weather except for maybe a little cooler. Foggy as usual in the morning by the time I arrived the fog started lifting fast. Not a lot of people showed up and very surprised only two hardcore plein air painters showed up to paint you can see them in the photo's below. One just got back from a trip to France beaming with a grin of all the sights that were seen including Monet's Garden and where Van Gogh was hospitalized at Saint-Remy.  I had mentioned of having a Plein Air competition still undecided if your interested let me know by email my contact info is to the right on the sidebar. 

So here is a quick run through of the photo's I took with a not so great camera.

Coming into the Park

Lots of Trees at the park, this one  was just nearby the car. Quite a few hummingbirds buzzing around this oak tree.

More trees, they have a lot of oak trees out here.

Those tree trunks look interesting.

Off to painting. What is this photo of? :)

Actually the second painting of the day, forgot to take  a photo of the first one.

A deck leading out to a low lying area.

This is Carey doing some Pastel work of an oak tree.

Billie hard at work, doesn't seem to be affected by jet lag coming over from France.

The group painting. This was a nice place to get in the shade and allowed us to see our colors easier.

Shoul have done this scene, looks awesome.

Last painting of the day and we were out of there.
Thanks Billie and Carey for coming out it was a joy.

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