Saturday, March 31, 2012

Galveston Plein Air Workshop

What a blast it was to be at Galveston this month. Every, well, almost every Saturday I held a Plein Air Workshop in which each session built on the previous to give everyone a good opportunity to practice what they learned for the next sessions. We had 4 sessions in all and we painted at four different locations one at Galveston State Park, one at East Beach near the Channel, another at Bolivar painting the lighthouse which was fun since we had to cross the ferry twice, and the last session which was today we painted at Pelican Island at Texas A&M near the big research ship they use which just happened to be there before it was scheduled to sail the next day. The weather was spectacular except for the first day which was windy and cold but it did warm up. I have to thank everyone who participated in the workshops it was a very fun experience for me and I can tell each of you had a blast. Below are some photo's taken from a local photographer Nancy Schrull, thank you for the pics as I was too busy to take any. I also wan't to thank Billie Renaldi the program director of the Galvestons Art League for helping with coordinating the workshops, she was very helpful. Looking forward to doing more workshops in the future so keep in touch and if your around the Galveston area and would like to learn to paint outdoors let me know. 

First day of the Workshop was cold. 
But the sky cleared, sun came out more and warmed up a bit. That's me  helping some of the  attendee's. We sketched  a lot for the first session.
Here we are near the path to the beach. Lot's of different angles to  sketch here and was a lot of fun.

Here's me talking about a value study demo I did. 

Here's the group of the day. First session was at Galveston State Park on the Beach side. 

This was at East Beach and we painted ships as they cruised by. Very busy that day.

A view of the Channel and me in the middle with Klela to the left and Donna on the right a very lively bunch.

A group photo of us at East Beach, left to right Donna, Butch, Billie, me and Klela. The painting, a value study by Butch just getting started.